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Natural 3-Mukhi Rudraksha


Colour Dark Brown
Origin Nepal
Size 15.90 x 16.70 mm
Certification Government Approved Lab Certificate Provided
SKU R3M43OHL Category Product ID: 40213

Benefits of wearing 3-Mukhi:

  • It has soothing effect on the mind and body
  • Frees a person from the shackles of his past doings
  • Releases feelings of anger, hurt and shame
  • Makes one aware of the present

How to wear : It may be worn in silk or wool thread; or may be capped in silver or gold. It can be worn as bracelets or a bead or mala

Purification and Activation process: Wash the rudraksha with a mixture of water and Ganga Jal from a copper vessel. Place it on 9 peepal leaves on a copper plate, sprinkle water and Ganga Jal mixture with a fresh flower. Then apply some sandalwood paste and offer flowers. Light incense sticks and chant the mantra – Aum Kleem Namah– 108 times.

Ruling Planet : Sun

Time to wear: Sunday, early morning.