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Natural Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia)

1.45 CARAT (1.59 RATTI)



Colour  Grey
Weight 1.45 CARAT (1.59 RATTI)
Size 6.78 x 5.26 x 4.38
Certification Government Approved Lab Certificate Provided
SKU CE70ARHL Category Product ID: 44297

Among the several benefits of Cat’s Eye stone, the major ones are as follows:

  • give a major boost to your immune system
  • boosts the memory as well as the awareness level
  • helps release stress

Ruling Planet – It brings down the negative effects of Ketu, which is not a planet in the solar system but plays significant role in deciding a lot of factors related to various other planets in one’s horoscope.
Zodiac Sign – Indian astrology suggests wearing Cat’s Eye for Pisces zodiac sign owners whereas western astrology prescribes it for Leo sun sign.
Carat Weight – For the maximum astrological benefits, the carat weight of the Cat’s Eye Stone should be based on the avastha or status of Ketu in their horoscope.
Metal – Yellow Gold or Silver make the best pair with a real Cat’s Eye. However, Platinum can also be used.
To be worn on – Middle finger of one’s working hand. Real Cat’s Eye jewellery can be worn anywhere.
Day & Time to wear – Tuesday or Thursday, morning.
Purification & Activation Method – Dip the Cat’s Eye gemstone in raw milk or Ganga Jal and sponge it with a soft piece of cloth before wearing.