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Natural Red Coral Triangle (Moonga)

5.25 CARAT (5.76 RATTI)



Colour  Red
Weight 5.25 CARAT (5.76 RATTI)
Size (11.79 x 11.79 x 5.75) mm
Mines Italy
Certification Government Approved Lab CertifiCate Provided
SKU CT42IAGGL Category Product ID: 35906

Among the several benefits of Red Coral stone, the major ones are as follows:

  • Provides the required courage and enthusiasm of the wearer to overcome all obstacles.
  • Ensures victory of the wearer
  • Helps in overcoming the delay in the wearer’s endeavors

Ruling Planet – Mars
Zodiac Sign – Red Coral is recommended for Aries (Mesh) and Scorpio (Vrischik) zodiac signs in the Indian Astrology.
Carat Weight – In order to avail maximum astrological benefits, one should wear a real Red Coral stone as per avastha or status of Mars in their horoscope.
Metal – Gold and Silver are ideal for Red Coral gem or jewellery. Alternatively, white gold, platinum, and copper can also be used.
To be worn on – Ring finger of the right hand. The gemstone should should be spotless.
Day & Time to wear – Tuesday, early morning.
Purification & Activation Method – To start with, dip the Red Coral gemstone in raw milk or Ganga Jal and sponge it with a soft piece of cloth before wearing.